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Ikantours is an eco-tourism, cultural and adventure association that promotes unique travel experiences, associated with the awareness of the care and correct coexistence with the environment and communities that live in each places;
taking special attention in activities and workshops to help us achieve those goals
We stimulate cultural, ecological and adventure tourism, developing experiential, recreational, environmental, cultural and social activities that take out every traveler of their comfort zone and discover the true meaning of travel.
Each and every one of the routes seeks to enrich the travelers experiece in unchartered or overcrowded places, where they will live unique experiences in an eco-friendly, cultural and adventurous atmosphere.


What makes us different and why traveling with us?

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Our main difference is that we are not a travel agency or wholesaler or retailer; We are an eco-sustainable and solidarity trips association, that develop routes for benefit rural communities in areas of Latin America, Africa and Asia with low or non-existent environmental care.
For that we develop environmental and eco-tourism projects that help minority communities with low income, to manage and live of the eco-tourism and learn to care their environment and to preserve the ecosystem of the región
Another of our differences is the cultural and adventurous approach that gives each one; we only work three routes for season, and each season have a trip theme; from the theme we develop experimental, recreational and environmental workshops for learn and enjoy of the región. Therefore we manage a thematic concept according to the culture of each region and involve travelers even before starting the adventure.

We carry out routes for general public and for specific groups, customizing them according to the season topic and the group.
We develop special activities and workshops according to the subject and the region we visited; our adventurers explore undeveloped natural areas and areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, in order to learn from them and enjoy the place respectfully.
Travelling with Ikantours you make a responsible tourism committed to the environment you visit, also you help with eco-tourism and environment programs in different regions of Latin America, Africa and Asia. In addition you will have unique experiences of adventure, mysticism, learning and collective consciousness making it a truly fair tourism.

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